Grants Review, Notification and Recognition

Review Process

FRAME’s Board of Directors will review all Spring and Fall grant proposals at each of its two yearly Spring and Fall Board meetings. FRAME’S Board of Directors, or a committee thereof delegated by the Board of Directors, will review all Special grant proposals at such times as the Board or such Committee may designate.
In the absence of unusual circumstances, once an organization is awarded a grant it is no longer eligible to apply for funding in the other categories for the longer of (a) the next 12 months and (b) until the conclusion of the funding period for the awarded grant.

Notification Process

All grantees who have submitted a grant application for Project Support will be notified in writing by the FRAME Executive Directors, Marguerite d’Aprile Quigley for North America ( and Emilie Vanhaesbroucke for France ( about the status of their application no longer than 10 business days after the Board of Directors or (if applicable) committee thereof has reviewed the grant proposals and made a determination about funding.


Museums receiving Project Support funding agree to acknowledge FRAME and provide appropriate credit information including the use of the FRAME logo in all electronic and print material related to the project that include press releases, website, exhibition donor walls, catalogues and publications, and in all other instances where funding for the project is acknowledged following the museum’s crediting standards.