Grants Overview and Guidelines

FRAME'S Grant Program

FRAME supports programs at member museums in North America and France with the goal of serving FRAME’s mission to promote cultural exchange in the context of museum collaborations. FRAME’s Project Support program promotes the incubation of initiatives, exhibitions, and educational and public programs that are the result of joint interests, research, planning, or the sharing models of best practice among FRAME member museums.

Project Support is available for the following activities:

  • The development of scholarly and/or innovative exhibitions. Exhibitions can cover any topic of interest to an encyclopedic museum and are not limited to Western art.
  • The development of educational and public engagement programs
  • Professional exchanges among museum staff
  • Audience development initiatives


Grant Guidelines

Funding will support costs associated with the planning and presentation of exhibitions between two or more member museums including: research; travel for studies and/or to look at artwork and/or negotiate loans; documentation; translation; shared costs for artist commissions, such as in case of a contemporary art project; and other costs associated with the planning and research of an exhibition or of written materials, such as exhibition catalogues.
Preference will be given to exhibitions that are expected to travel to FRAME museums in both France and North America.

Funding will support the development and planning phases of educational and public programs, including programs that address issues related to Social Justice, Community Life, or Health and Wellness, which are being replicated or adapted at member museums. Funding will support research, travel, documentation or other costs associated with planning and investigation.

Funding will support up to three weeks of travel for FRAME museum professionals among member museums with the goal to meet colleagues, explore collections and observe educational programs in order to foster exchanges of professional practices or scholarly expertise. These travels shall help to implement scholarly or public projects thereafter. Funding will support transportation, hotel and per diem expenses on both sides of the Atlantic, and meeting or workshop costs, as needed. Only one professional at any given FRAME institution will receive funding per year.

Funding will support research and travel for the exploration, planning and implementation phases of audience development initiatives, including those designed for digital platforms or social media strategies that can be replicated at member museums.
For all categories above, funding from FRAME cannot support salaries, administration or fundraising.

Pierre Bonnard, Nursemaids' Promenade, Frieze of Carriages, 1895, Color Lithograph, Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of Nancy and Joseph P. Keithly
Pierre Bonnard, Nursemaids' Promenade, Frieze of Carriages, 1895, Color Lithograph, Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of Nancy and Joseph P. Keithly