Mythology of the West in American Art, 1830-1940

Silvana Editions, 23x28cm, 216 pages

With the contributions from:

  • Laurent Salomé (Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen): Are illustrators painters?
  • Adeline Collange (Curator at the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts): Between mythical image and ethnographic portrait: a pre-photographic history of the representation of the Indians.
  • Joan Carpenter Troccoli (Curator at the Denver Art Museum): “Like a ghost, he flees before us”: the romanticism and art of the American West.
  • Francis Ribemont (Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes): The American West lived or dreamed by French artists in the nineteenth century.

La mythologie de l’Ouest dans l’art américain, 1830-1940
Sous la direction de Laurent Salomé, Joan Carpenter Troccoli, Olivier Meslay
Éditeur: Sylvana (2007)
Broché : 216 pages | Langue: Français | ISBN: 883660924