French Ministry of Culture Commissions New Art Trafficking Report

The French Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak commissioned a special report in June that states its museums must improve their acquisitions policies. Christian Giacomotto, Marie-Christine Labourdette and Arnaud Oseredczuk were entrusted to write the report, entitled “Improving the Security of National Museum Acquisitions,” which was published on November 21. Read the Artnet article which summaries the report stating that France’s “…reputation and cultural influence were at stake, particularly in a busy international art market where competition—notably from their Anglo-Saxon neighbors—is strong.” Read the full report published by the French Ministry of Culture here.

French minister of culture Rima Abdul-Malak, second from left, and the museum and art market experts whom she commissioned to write the report, from left to right: Arnaud Oseredczuk, Christian Giacomotto and Marie-Christine Labourdette. Photo credit: Ministry of Culture / M. Habibi