FRAMEwork: Protocol to Welcome Autistic People to Museums

This published protocol provides guidelines on how to welcome people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to museums. It is the first of a series of new initiatives that will provide protocols called “FRAMEwork.” These educational resources will highlight the most advanced practices among museums in the FRAME network in North America and in France and share models of best practices through a series of protocols. The first protocol, for welcoming Autistic Persons to museums, is a collection of successful experiences and practical advice that are flexible enough to be adapted for others to follow as they develop their own activities for welcoming autistic people to their museums. This guide is intended to be used as a working tool. It does not intend to be exhaustive, but rather, it provides a number of essential answers to questions that museums ask themselves on both sides of the Atlantic about the needs of these special audiences. It also addresses the expectations of caregivers and the necessity to co-create projects with other stakeholders and specialists working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders.