Conferences and Meetings

Overview of our meetings

FRAME supports partnerships at its member museums through regular convenings, which bring together representatives from both sides of the Atlantic. Participants meet in person to discuss joint research projects, exhibitions, art loans, and education programs and to engage in scholarly dialogue. These professional exchanges among museum staff in the FRAME network have proven to be highly productive and bring many project ideas to fruition.

FRAME convenes an Annual Conference for its member museums, which is usually held in the fall. The Annual Conference is hosted by a FRAME museum and the location alternates between France and North America on a yearly basis. In addition, FRAME also convenes an annual Planning Meeting that focuses on exhibitions already under discussion as well as new initiatives by invitation. The Terra Foundation hosts the Planning Meeting for American Art in the Spring in Giverny.

FRAME also convenes an Educators Meeting in the Fall that alternates between France and North America; the year that the Annual Conference is held in France, the Educators Meeting will be held in North America and vice versa.

In addition to these professional convenings, FRAME staff and Board members are in regular contact with the network’s directors, curators, and museum educators throughout the year. FRAME’s French and North American executive directors travel to member museums and to professional conferences to meet with members in person and to talk about current and prospective projects.

Annual Conference in Nantes 2018 David Gallard