Documents from FRAME’s 19th Annual Conference in Nantes


1A and 2A: Discussion of the network’s collections to identify shared interests in order to develop joint scholarly projects (All subjects and time periods accepted)

Axel Hémery, Toulouse: 1A and 2A PAR HASARD 2019
Barbara Forest,Strasbourg: Surréalice
Linda Roth, Hartford: Taxile Doat (WAMA, Linda Roth)
Guillaume Theulière, Marseille: 1A and 2A American painting post 1945
Christoph Léribault, Paris TROUBETZKOY (Paris, Petit Palais, Christophe Leribault)
Timothy Benson, Los Angeles: Aftermath! WWI and the Dawn of the Media Era (LACMA, Timothy Benson)
Courtney Freeman, Richmond: Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, the Mellon Collection & Jean Schlumberger (VMFA, Courtney Freeman)
We will upload these presentations shortly:
Guillaume Theulière, Marseille : American painting after 1945
Naïs Lefrançois, Dijon: Sculptor Jean Dampt, the art of multiples (sculptures, prints, photos)
Salima Hellal, Lyon: Japonisme in France and the United States: The importance of art dealers Siegfried Bing and Tadamassa Hayashi.
Sophie Barthélémy, Bordeaux: Dossier shows
Sophie Join-Lambert, Tours: “Pocket” exhibitions
Sophie Mouton, Dijon: The Nancy and East Pavillion during the 1925 International Decorative Arts Expo in Paris.
Estelle Pietrzyk, Strasbourg: Abstraction Europe-USA, and AIDS in Contemporary Art

1B: Museum as Third Place 25.10 1B Museum as aThird Place


Axel Hémery, Toulouse: 26.10 3A Museum Updates TOULOUSE – C’est Byzance
Timothy Standring, Denver:  Redefining_Modern_Museum (Denver, Timothy Standring)
David Liot, Dijon:  26.10 3A Museum Updates DIJON – Renovation – Opening soon
Sophie Mouton, Nancy:  26.10 3A Museum Updates, NANCY – Villa Majorelle
Tamara Wootton Forsyth, Dallas:  26.10 3A Museum Updates DALLAS
Thomas Bastien, Montreal 26.10 3A Museum Updates MONTREAL – Museum Prescription
Lille 26.10 3A Museum Updates LILLE – Plan Relief
Christoph Léribault, Paris 26.10 3A Museum Updates PARIS – New Gallery of Sculptures
Kelli Morgan, Indianapolis: Newfields Museum Update
Linda Roth, Hartford: MATRIX (WAMA)
Stéphane Paccoud and Salima Hellal, Lyon: 26.10 3A Museum Updates LYON – New displays Decorative arts & Sculptures
Stephanie Fox Knappe, Kansas City:Exhibition overview_The Path Toward Color (Kansas City, Aimee Marcerau DeGalan)
Sophie Barthélémy, Bordeaux: Updates (Bordeaux, Sophie Barthélémy)
We will upload these presentations shortly:
Cathleen Chaffee, Buffalo: Marisol & discussion other collections from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Cory Korkow, Cleveland: Cleveland Museum of Art’s Strategic Plan
Estelle Pietrzyk, Strasbourg: Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg’s 20th Anniversary
Hélène Fourneaux, Strasbourg: Interpretation spaces at Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg
Sophie Mouton, Bordeaux: Reorganization of the main entrance and sculptures reinstallation in the South wing of the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts
Guillaume Kazerouni, Rennes : The Fabulous Destiny of the paintings of the abbots Desjardins coproduced with the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec
Anne Dary, Rennes: Building a collection, donations, deposits, purchases in contemporary art from 1960 to 2018
Cathleen Chaffee, Buffalo: Marisol retrospective
François Blanchetière, Tours: Sculpturoscope. The Virgin and Child from the real to the virtual
Mathilde Schneider, Rouen: Pôle Beauvoisine project